The Global Marketer Conference 2022 was fully committed to being a zero-waste conference.

SDE and WFA have assigned to POLYGREEN SA, a company that provides pioneering circular economy solutions worldwide, to minimize Global Marketer Conference’s environmental footprint.

JUST GO ZERO by Polygreen collected, sorted and converted ALL waste produced during the conference into useful materials. This is what circular economy is all about.

All companies involved with the Conference (production, catering, event management, sponsors) cooperated with Just Go Zero and supported our effort to achieve a Zero Waste Conference.  Delegates contribution was also very important, so especially designed recycle corners and ashtrays were available for the disposal of waste and cigarettes.

Additionally, any food and drink that was not consumed during the Conference, was donated to BOROUME, an organization which ensured it reached people who are facing food insecurity.

Together, we can build a better future!