The World Federation of Advertisers

WFA is the only global organisation representing the common interests of marketers. It is the voice of marketers worldwide, representing 90% of global marketing communications spend – roughly US$900 billion per annum. WFA champions more effective and sustainable marketing communications globally.

WFA connects the world’s biggest brand owners and national advertiser associations in more than 60 markets, bringing together tens of thousands of brands at local level. Together, they create a global network which offers a unique source of leadership, expertise and inspiration.

WFA Global Marketer Conference is the showpiece event of the WFA Global Marketer Week that will take place in Athens from April 5-8, 2022.


The Hellenic Advertisers Association (SDE)

SDE is the only trade body representing the interests of advertisers in Greece. Founded in 1978, it is today the leading voice for over 90 brands across FMCG, Retail, Telecommunications, Energy, Banking, Insurance, Health, Gaming, Food & Beverage etc that represent by far the biggest part of the total advertising spend in Greece. It brings together client-side marketers: CMOs, Media & Insight Directors, Corporate Communications Directors, CSR & Sustainability Directors etc.

SDE promotes a well-functioning, transparent inclusive and responsible environment, for the benefit of brands, consumers and all other advertising and marketing industry stakeholders. It champions better marketing, protects the rights of advertisers to commercial free speech and help them improve brands’ performance.

Being a member of the 𝗪𝗙𝗔 as of its first day of operation, SDE shall have the honor to organizing Global Marketer Week 2022, in partnership with the WFA.